Iclips.com's "Bob Ross"

PACE paints a different picture of this famous character.

Snapple Day at the NYSE

PACE is bullish at the NYSE!

Sampling at Tax Day

Pace creates unique experiential event drawing media coverage

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Talented People Deserve the Recognition

Ahead of the PACE is always looking to add great people to our talent base. We encourage Models, Actors, Cheerleaders, Musicians, Fitness Professionals and promotional staff to apply with us. We can't contact you for fun and hopefully good paying assignments until you first sign up with us.

Everyone Wins

Our searchable database displays your talents. Our clients that are looking to staff an event have the advantage of requesting their hand picked talent. It may just be you who they choose. It's a win-win situation for everyone. We find you opportunities, and our clients are happy that they can preview their staff!

Applying Is Easy

With our easy to use Application Form, all you have to do is apply! Upload pictures, give us specific information such as your experience and skills that will help us match your talents to our client's requests. Once your application is complete, we review the information and we will contact you when a local event or assignment matches your talents. Selected talent will appear on our site in the Talent section.

Looking for Talented People?

You can request specific talent for a given event or, allow Ahead of the PACE to do the searching and management ourselves. Either way, you will need to fill out the request for proposal form or call Ahead of the PACE directly 1 (877) PACE-EVENTS to initiate PACE putting our talented staff to work for you.


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