Pontiac Vibe Mobile Tour

PACE's team promotes the Pontiac Vibe at the Warped Tour.

Snapple Day at the NYSE

PACE is bullish at the NYSE!

Mardi Gras Beer. com Style

Beer.com...Beer.com....there is no escaping the message at Mardi Gras Celebration.

Case Studies : Tour Management

PACE managed all aspects of Pontiac’s presence at the Warped Tour post creative for our interactive promotion agency client. PACE secured an RV, a driver, the tour managers, managed shipping and audio equipment, tour travel, payroll, and onsite visits. PACE also provides and manages in-market staff for each of the 43 cities that we visit during this summer long tour.


Our experience allows us to anticipate and be prepared for most of the problems that are encountered on the road. For this project we had to unexpectedly replace our tour manager in the middle of the tour for unacceptable behavior. While this situation is unusual, our actions are an example of our problem solving abilities. We fired our tour manager at 8 PM on a Saturday Night. We flew in a PACE high level staff member the next morning at 5 AM and this gentleman acted as the interim tour manager until our replacement tour manager was trained onsite and we were confident in his abilities. Our client’s client never noticed any lull or drop off in execution and in fact the tour prospered under the new management. PACE was rewarded with additional assignments from their client who had reason to believe that "all these guys do is get things done."

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