Thanksgiving Parades

PACE introduces to Snoopy and others at Thanksgiving Parades across the country.

PACE Staffing

These are a few of the wide range of events and promotions where you will find PACE Staff.

Snapple Day at the NYSE

PACE is bullish at the NYSE!

Case Studies : Guerilla Marketing

One of our most successful guerilla campaigns. PACE managed a staff of 30 to 60 who successfully created a large presence at holiday parades in Chicago, Los Angeles, Austin and of course the Macy’s Day Parade in NYC. The NYC team was faced with a dilemma, how to distribute 6000 oversized branded balloons to the crowds lining the parade route so that the TV coverage would capture the branding. After buying time with the police, an army of 60 dressed in bright orange jumpsuits and bathing caps and carrying 6000 helium filled balloons marched down the entire parade route reaching Macy’s as the "first float of the parade."

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