PACE Brand Ambassadors

These are a few of the wide range of the experiential events where you will find PACE Brand Ambassadors.


Always check for Poison

Pontiac Vibe Mobile Tour

PACE's team promotes the Pontiac Vibe at the Warped Tour.

Case Studies

Saturn Day at Shea

We add our resources to add to your capabilities, whether we are dealing with a client directly or if we are aiding the work of an agency, PACE's 10 years of managing events and staff can increase the likelihood of success for your program. and the Weather Channel

You have the idea in your what? PACE takes your ideas and brings them life just as you intended (unless you like our suggestions as well). Attention to Detail....Attention to Detail......Did we mention Attention to Detail? PACE has the resources, the experience and the work ethic to put you one step closer to a bonus.

Warped Tour for the Pontiac Vibe

Vehicle Acquisition, Vendor Management, Routing Assistance, Tour Team Managers, In-market Staff, Documentation, Onsite visits, and complete program wrap-up......sounds too good to be true.....we forgot to add that it is all done for a great price.

"All That & More" Music Festival do you find talent in the thirty to forty markets that your mobile tour is headed.....PACE has demonstrated that we are a one stop shop for each of your markets throughout the country. Tour managers, CDL Drivers, let PACE's Road Warriors keep your stress level to a minimum.

Tax Day for Terra Chips and Snapple

Sampling is all about putting your product in potential customer's hands. We keep your message clear, just as you intended. PACE has the resources to acquire vehicles, vehicle buildout and wrapping, a warehouse to store product, assist with routing, and of course the marketing staff to optimize the number of consumers that touch, taste and view your products.

Thanksgiving Parades for

Street Media, Stunts that are barely legal....who needs permission anyway. PACE's team sneaks under the radar so that your products and services messages are loud and clear to your target audience. Reaches Across The Nation

PACE's national reach allows you to have the same confidence in programs that reach 10, 20 or even 40 markets as you would have in a program right in your backyard. Auto Shows, Conventions, Sampling, Mobile Tours, Campus Invasions and Street Teams.... PACE puts their talent to work for you.

This is just a glimpse of our services. See more events...or if you have seen enough already, contact PACE to put us to work for you.


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PACE Brand Ambassadors

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