Pontiac Vibe Mobile Tour

PACE's team promotes the Pontiac Vibe at the Warped Tour.

Snapple Day at the NYSE

PACE is bullish at the NYSE!

Pontiac Pass-it-On

PACE is behind the scenes of this national "reality" marketing program.

Company Overview

Established in 1993, Ahead of the PACE (AOP) is a New York based promotional agency with a true national reach. AOP provides marketing support for promotional campaigns in the promotion and event marketing industry including creative input, event execution, market managers, tour staff and a database of thousands of promotional models throughout the country.

AOP has been a major player behind the scenes of many of the more recognizable campaigns throughout the years. We are the exclusive execution arm for several well-known promotion/event-marketing agencies. We extend the capabilities of these agencies, which allows the agencies to offer their clients national promotional campaigns with the confidence that the quality of the program will be consistently high as the number of markets increases.

Why Ahead of the PACE is Special - We specialize in non-traditional promotional campaigns. Our major asset is the already large and still growing network of our in-market managers, promotional models and samplers. We quickly mobilize to support national programs that need to reach one or forty markets. We attribute our steady growth during our ten years in the industry to the earned trust of our clients.

Attention to Detail - The key to the success of your project management with Ahead of the PACE is our commitment to excellence and our attention to detail. We are aware that each project has unique concerns that must be considered. We understand the negative impact a small glitch can have in a program. Our attention to detail begins with the staff that represents your products. We work with you to make sure that every one understands the program goals as well as the execution tactics. We are not content with mediocrity. We do not meet your expectations; WE EXCEED YOUR EXPECTATIONS.


Hire Ahead of the PACE - We are your choice for programs that run as short as one day to continuous marketing efforts. Ahead of the PACE is your choice from concept development to execution to the successful project recap.

Staffing - Our active database of actors, aerobic instructors, fitness models/competitors and professional and collegiate cheerleaders provide the best onsite representation for our clients. We specialize in providing fit, professional mannered and articulate men and women for various industries. The overwhelming majority of our promotional models are between the ages of 21 and 30, however we are able to provide a younger or more mature staff as dictated by your target audience.

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