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PACE wakes up America with the premiere of the Weather Channel's new morning program.

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Service FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Services

Get the answers to the most common questions about our services and capabilities.

Q. What is the reach of our staffing services?

A. We maintain and update a database of men and women in the 48 Continental States. We have staffed a limited number of events in London and Canada.


Q. Where do we find our staff?


A. We actively recruit actors, aerobic instructors, fitness models/competitors, professional and collegiate cheerleaders as well as promotional management teams.


Q. May I see samples of past work?


A. Please visit our Case Studies for an in-depth look or visit our Event Page to see a larger collection of Events.


Q. What standards do we hold our on-site staff to?


A. We send all of our staff a detailed form that explains the do's and don'ts of each event. We accept accountability for our staff and we expect and demand the same attitude from our staff.


Q. What are our reporting methods?


A. We are able to document each event on a daily, weekly or any other schedule requested by our clients which can include email submissions, digital photography and video.


Q. How do we ensure that staff show up for your event?


A. We use a system of checks and balances that include email verification from our staff. In the case of late cancellations, we are often able to replace the staff from our growing database of talent in each market. We recommend that clients discuss with us how we can incorporate a back-up system into the budget for larger programs.


Q. How do we educate our staff?


A. The size of the training manual that is sent to each member of the staff is dependant on the size of the program and the amount of the information that we need to pass on to the staff. Training programs can range from a concise email, to a telephone conference call or even arranging a central meeting place for national managers to meet our client.


Q How do you monitor your staff?


A. We receive a report from our team leader as well as reports from the on-site manager. We also randomly send in secret shoppers to test our staff product knowledge.


For further answers to your questions, please call or contact us. We would be glad to answer any questions you may have.


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