Saturn Takes Over MLB game

AOP manages brand program to bring 20,000 Saturn owners to Shea Stadium.

Holiday Cheer

PACE saturates New York with this holiday program for

Mobile Tour Prep

AOP preps and acquires Swedish Fish Truck before it hits the road.

Our Events

Snapple Day at the NYSE



PACE is bullish at the NYSE!

Ding! Who rang the NYSE closing Bell? None other than the President of Snapple, Jack Belsito and Wendy, the Snapple Lady! Therefore, we chose our finest sampling team to distribute two new flavors to the hustle and bustle of Wall Street. Through permits, we strategically placed our elaborate setup within the confines of the New York Stock Exchange, allowing us to reach our target market. Thirsty investment bankers, floor traders and lawyers poured out of the Exchange, and were delighted to receive their free samples of Snapple from our animated and energized staff.

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