Mardi Gras Beer. com Style is no escaping the message at Mardi Gras Celebration.

Tylenol Cool Caps

PACE sends teams of Tylenol Eskimo brand ambassadors out to beat the summer heat!!

Friends and Family

A fun look at the staff at Ahead of the PACE and their family and friends.

Case Studies : Event Production


PACE successfully executes a huge undertaking in New York City and in San Francisco. PACE develops with Eisnor Interactive, an integrated program to introduce, a comparison shopping Internet site. PACE researches and negotiates with double decker bus company and its media company so that New York City enjoys a free branded shuttle system for shoppers. PACE puts branding teams at strategic shopping stops to support the shuttle program with sampling efforts and sandwich boards.


PACE researches and secures a store front across the street from Bloomindales. The storefront houses a video wall and acts as PACE's team's headquarters. A staff of 50, that some days reaches well over a hundred, heads out each day to man the above mentioned double decker buses and to conduct sampling and other stunts. PACE also negotiates booth spaces at Holiday Festivals throughout the city. PACE's teams man the holiday booths and the storefront interactive computers. Random acts of kindness including purchasing tickets for 400 movie goers all add to this multifaceted month long promotion. moves to the number one position among shopping comparison sites during this all important holiday season.


Weather Channel

PACE creates live scenes inside Vanderbilt Hall at Grand Central Terminal that will be the landscape scene for premiere of the Weather Channel’s morning show. PACE constructed and casted vignettes of a gentleman on a treadmill watching a big screen TV, a mom making lunches, and a couple in bed for their marketing agency client. PACE provided a promotional staff of 30 samplers that canvassed Grand Central. In addition, PACE utilized an inventory of Coffee Rocket Packs to distribute free coffee to support the scenes. The sampling took place at Penn Station, Grand Central and Times Square.


PACE's teams improvise the scripted morning show that leads to an interesting shot of the Weather Channel broadcasting live from a bed situated right smack in the middle of one of the country's busiest streets.

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